00:00-12 – breath sounds with dynamic variation
00:13-18 – exhale vs. inhale
00:19-end – whispering and mumbling

00:00-09 – (mostly) plosive consonants
00:10-16 – fricative consonants
00:17-end – plosives, gradually pulling away from mouthpiece

Breathing through the instrument without lip buzzing results in a resonance of breath within the body of the instrument. The degree to which the sound is muffled and its articulation obscured (e.g., for speaking/whispering) depends on how far the mouth is placed into the mouthpiece. It is also possible to accentuate and make perceptible the difference in sound between inhalation and exhalation. NB: At higher volumes, absent the resistance of lip buzzing, a performer will run out of air far more quickly.

Dynamic range. Niente to f.