00:00-33 – buzz activation
00:33-end – breath activation

The traditional purpose of a water bath is to clean out the inner tubing of the instrument. However, if left inside the tuba during performance, it can alter various parameters significantly, depending on the amount of water. Timbre and articulation, for example, incorporate a high degree of indeterminacy. Sounding dexterity is (severely) limited. However, with the tuba’s massive resonance, the sound of water sloshing around can be marvelous, and unlike anything the tuba could otherwise produce.

In playing the tuba, there is a natural buildup of saliva in the instrument. As the amount increases, so do the frequency and perceptibility of the sounds it makes, which are often of a percussive nature, linked to sudden excitations of the instrumental body. This can provide similar opportunities for experimentation as the water bath, or just signal that the player should empty the spit valve!